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Re: niggling details (here: wheel bearings)

(about humming sound on front wheels, and if it is dangerous to drive
with shot bearings...)


I've had one rear and one front wheel bearing going south on my
Audi (83/100) a few years ago -- same symptoms you described.
The rear one lasted 15000 miles before I decided to let my
mechanic replace it with the yearly inspection, the front
one took me 10000 miles including a long trip from Germany to
France and back. (both bearings failed at around 100kmiles)

BUT: If you are allready at the point where you can "feel" the
bearing with the steering wheel, I would suggest to replace it
now. If they run hot they can lock up.

You can test it: Lift the car and try to turn the wheel. If it
is rough or "scratchy" (sorry...) then it is the bearing.

Good luck!