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Re: AC Condensor repaired

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> Well, After a long and grueling search for an AC condensor for my 
> sister's 90Q, I determined that used ones cant be found, and new ones are 
> waaaay too expensive (Cheapest I found was $374).
> I got the old one repaired. I would have done it myself, by my stick 
> welder only goes down to 5 amps, and I feared it was still too much for 
> the thin aluminum, and it would burn through. I brought it to a local 
> radiator shop who was absolutely terrific. (Perraults, Meriden, CT) They 
> did it in 1/2 a day, and the work was beautiful, best of all, it only 
> costs $30. Sure beats a new one!!!
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> Bob
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I got a condensor from a company in California, but I can't remember the
name.  It works on GM cars also.  It only costs $150 new.  Now that the
A/C works it seems to work all the time.  The compressor gets so cold that
even when the A/C is off the compressor pulley freezes and the belt
squeals like there is a raptor (one of those flying dinosaur things) under
the hood.  I had someone look at it and they thought the shims were off on
the clutch.  Should I just change the entire clutch?  I saw a special at
Blaufergnugen for $150.

Too Much Heat Right Now In Seattle--
Nathan Belo
'88 90Q