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Re: Bad radio reception & some other questions

> This sounds interesting.  Is the FUBA-lookalike amplified?
> Who makes it, where'd ya get it?  I'm going to be adding a
> cell phone antenna to my A4, but I think I might actually
> consider drilling if I can get a good combination antenna...
> the A4 has awful FM reception, and I'm sure it's parly due to
> the in-glass FM antenna.
> Dan Masi
 Fuba manufactures the antenna for VWAG, the one on my Corrado says Fuba 
on it, and yes it does have a square base. I'm not sure if they still 
make it, but for a while Fuba made an AM/FM AND celular phone all in one 
antenna. Hmmmm... Let's see... ah here's a catalog, Autotech located in 
CA. 1800 553 1055. Lists a AM/FM celular (ouch! $249!!), the catalog is two 
years old 
though, so they may no longer carry the celular. they still have regular 
AM/FM though, $79, which is $20 more expensive than everyone else.

Many places sell these things so look around.