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RE: Bad radio reception & some other questions

There is also a combination antenna manufactured by Hirschman.  As I 
understand it, they manufacture both an automatic retractable & a roof 
mount type which is visually very similar to the Fuba item fitted to the 
Audi wagons / VWs.
I used the roof mount type on my last car, a BMW wagon,  for two years & 
thought it very good  The BM also had an FM antenna built into the glass & 
the combination unit was a definite improvement.  You should be aware that 
I have only recently moved here from the UK, where cellular coverage is 
excellent.  I should also point out that I haven't used AM radio in a car 
for probably ten years.  I'm told that the cellular part of the antenna is 
in the base section & the FM / AM section uses the 'whip' part.

Mike Bradley

From:  Dan Masi[SMTP:dan_masi@MENTORG.COM]
Sent:  Friday, July 26, 1996 6:20 PM
To:  'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'; Duff, Ian
Subject:  Re: Bad radio reception & some other questions

On Jul 26,  3:48pm, Duff, Ian wrote:
> Subject: RE: Bad radio reception & some other questions
> Not sure about the radio, mine came (used) with a great aftermarket
> stereo, FM reception is great, never listen to AM. I replaced my
> antenna with a Fuba lookalike that has radio and cellular combined.
> Tastes great, less filling.

This sounds interesting.  Is the FUBA-lookalike amplified?
Who makes it, where'd ya get it?  I'm going to be adding a
cell phone antenna to my A4, but I think I might actually
consider drilling if I can get a good combination antenna...
the A4 has awful FM reception, and I'm sure it's parly due to
the in-glass FM antenna.

Dan Masi