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A4 Cellular Phone Install

I have a few questions about the factory cellular phone for the A4, which 
I'm hoping someone may be able to shed some light on.

I have a Motorola TX 2900 installed in my car using the factory pre-wiring, 
which by in large works fine.

1)  When I came to have the installation done, the tech & I spent a long 
time looking for the RF connector for the cellular antenna which is 
allegedly built into the rear window.  We found nothing & eventually ended 
up fitting a glass mount, pending further investigation.  Can anyone 
confirm or deny whether any A4s do in fact come with an antenna built in & 
if so is there a separate pattern visible in the window?
2)  Does the factory phone mute the stereo?
3)  Reading Dan Masi's post, I'm thinking to myself that the extra voice 
coil on the drivers side speaker may be connected with the hands free phone 
functionality.  Can anyone confirm of deny this?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Bradley

96 A4 Quattro,
Concord NH