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| Dan |

From: SOP8920@siena.edu
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 1:59:28 -0400 (EDT)
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net
CC: SOP8920@siena.edu
Message-Id: <960728015928.24009b0e@siena.edu>
Subject: Bearings, Blowers, and Fuel Lines.. (OH MY!)

Parts arrived from Linda today. Had them sent directly to the shop. Brought in
the q, and since I had no alternate transportation had the privledge of
watching. Luckily this shop doesn't [adhere] to the "No Customers in Work
Areas philosophy. Actually.. this is the smoke stogies and pipes, and have a
cold one at the end of the day... they're in the fridge.. type shop. 
   Anyway.. the Q is on the lift. Scott (the mechanic) starts the car in first
gear to check out the bearing. It was pretty neat watching Quattro from this
vantage point BTW. Uses a stethoscope to listen to the hum. Agrees it's a
faulty bearing. Then I notice some clear colored fluid dripping from the middle
of the car... 
    Before this gets too long.. I had a gas leak. The Main line became corroded
underneath one of those rubber grommets. Scott peels off the rubber thingee and
the leak starts to *really* flow. It looked like the Q was taking a tinkle.
They cut the hose and fitted a rubber tube to it (using fasteners and such) and
told me that this is a temporary fix. If the gas hit the exhaust I could have a
fire ball. 
    Luckily this looks like a simple job.. if I had a lift of course. It looks
like the line just fastens in two places and is supported by the half dozen or
so rubber grommets. Looks like I'll be calling Linda on Monday. 
    Got home from the shop and went right to work putting in the new blower. It
was a complete success. Kudos to Eric and Frank. The combined directions were
perfect. I didn't need to cut the black duct that runs off the blower housing,
so I guess Frank.. you were right. The 6" knife wasn't needed. Although for a
few minutes I considered it. That Housing is bear to move, even three inches.
Then putting back the washer and C-clip on the blower motor! If you care to add
it... MY TRICK: Two pieces of duct tape to hold the washer in place. That
C-clip was tough.. had to run to the shop and buy a c-clip pliar for it. Damn
thing BROKE two of the bits that came with the pliar. 
    Elapsed time: ~4.5 hours. Now that I know how it is done, I could do it in
less than half the time. Eric.. I don't know how you manged it in just half an
hour and at 30F too! You must have had the devil in you. It got too dark before
I could finish putting the passenger side of the dash together so that's the
first thing tommorow. SO.. to those that came to my aid.. a very sincere thank
you. I owe you one guys.. again.. I suppose that means I owe you two huh? 
                               _Osman 89 200Q

Oh.. BTW: 2.5 hours Labor includiing lesson, random advice, 
          sarcastic wit, and lack of charm ...............$108
          (1) RF Wheel Bearing............................~$70