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Re: URGENT -- need help

>Regarding the rebuild kits: any info on where I can get them?  How 
>tough/long a job is it to rebuild the cylinders by your rough estimation? 
>Do I need any special equipment? 

>I guess there's no way to "tell" if the cylinder should be rebuilt, 
>probably it just fails to let you know?


>Alex Kowalski
>'84 4KQ

Since the MC on my 200 was just replaced I can offer my 2 cents here. I had it
done, regretably by a bad shop. Since I was in the middle of Ohio (being from
NY) and no other place to go.. I layed out a blanket and watched while the most
junior mechanic worked on my car. He managed to get the old MC out pretty quick
but had a devil of a time putting the new one in. There is (if yours is the
same design) a u-shaped housing that the thing connects to with a pin. He must
have spent a good 2 hours trying to stick that pin through, while I cursed
myself for having to pay for his incompetance. Eventually he realized that he
would have to take the lower dash panel out (six bolts on the 200q) and that
made it easier. He used a small piece of hosing over the pin as a tool to put
it back together. It didn't look difficult and this guy was definately no
brain-surgeon. Linda @Carlsen sold us one for ~120 I think. Pops ordered it so
I'm venturing a guess here. BTW it wasn't identical but because one of the
fittings had a bushing which allowed motion.. it worked fine. Took forever to
back-bleed it though. 
   BTW this is the same incident where the shop put the wrong fluid in the car. 
DOT 4 for the 200q not pentosin in the brakes. :) Don't worry guys I wrote 
it up on the chalkboard 1000 times. Sorry if you got this twice Alex.
                                         -Osman 89 200q