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Re: Lingering troubles with recent blower repair

[from Frank Bauer]

>- you can pee on your driveway if you like but DON'T DUMP YOUR ANTIFREEZE
>  unless it's in a recycling tank.  number one it will end up in my (OUR)
>  groundwater/river/ocean.  number two it is a sweet liquid that animals,
>  pets or maybe children could try and die.

Last time I checked with local (about year ago) waste recycler place in
midstate NY, they claimed not to recycle our nasty glycol coolant and
advice was to dump it in the storm drains.

Guess what we contribute is pittance compared to the 'DeIcing' airports do
when they 'Exxon Valdez' the waiting jets with glycol deicing fluid.

Didn't think putting glycol in the storm drain was good. I know of toooo
many racoons that frequent storm drains.

my 2 drips.