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RE: 200 qw front pads update

Mine were seriously warped at around 48K miles and had already been
replaced once at that time (with the updated parts). So far, so good
since then, but that was only 7,000 miles ago, so who knows?

I agree that the stopping power is excellent, but I do need new pads and
every time I stumble across Eliot's comments about the sudden lightness
to the front end of his V8 after "down"-grading to regular Girling
brakes, I wonder... Usually I just conclude it ain't worth the headache.
- peter

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My 91 200 Q has 90K on the originial set of rotors (or at least I
think). If
they are not original, they have no less then 45K on them and haven't

I think my car stops really good!

However, I did inspect them a couple of weeks ago and will need some new
pads/probably new rotors in the near future. I'll just drive them til


91 200 q

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