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Re: Synthetic Oil Change Intervals?


1) I feel change oil at 6000 miles, incl. oil filter change.  My Coupe
has passed 103,000 miles with this care and oil consumption has not
from when I bought  it at 19,000 miles (approx. 2000 mi/qt.)

2) You shouldn't have any problems with sub-zero temps as long as the battery

is good.  I had my Coupe out when temp dropped overnight to -25 F, cranked
slowly but still caught readily (Castrol Syntec in engine, Red Line synthetic

in tranny& diff).  W/W wipers were something else; had to wait until engine
heat warmed up the motor before they worked.

Ray Calvo  (porsray@aol.com)

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<< From: Stephen Pitts <excel@aegis.nitco.com>
 Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 01:25:23 -0500
 Subject: Synthetic Oil Change Intervals?
 I just put Castrol synthetic in my 95.5 S6 @ 10,000 miles on the odo.
 Can I go 7,500 miles (Audi maintenance freebes) with the synthetic, or 
 do you guys thing I can harm turbo and or rest of the moving parts?
 I could be keeping this car till it drops, as I drive 25K miles per year 
 on the highway.  What about in January, when my car sits at the airport 
 in the sub-zero temps for 2 days?
 I would greatly appreciate anyones comments...
 Steve Pitts
 95.5 S6
 94 100S Wagn
 ------------------------------ >>