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Re: S4 nipples?

The rear facing vacuum fitting on the wastegate is to equalize pressure, so
don't cover it!  Got me what that grey rubber covered thing is, probly CO
sensor, but it does look seriously over-engineered, so don't worry.
Don't forget to use synthetic oil after the first ~10k miles, and get the
flat K&N air filter. Check the air intake in the passenger side front grill.
It can suck-in old RX7's, not to mention the occaissional dive-bombing bird
not expecting you to be setting the cruise control at 120!
And the IA3 stands for Intended Acceleration level 3 ECU (computer)
See you at LRP. VT plates, Black/Black.


Jonathan Fenton
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3