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RE:injector fan

>From: "ANDREW FINNEY" <DFINNEY@msn.com>0
>Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 23:32:27 UT
>Subject: injector fan
>Has anyone evr seen a UrQ's injector fan running. I have a hot start 
>that seems to show up between 25 mins after driving to 4 or 5 hours, it 
>to flood. Is this a fuel pressure issue or is this a relay problem? Any
>thoughts on the injector fan? Thanks.
>A. Finney
>1983 UrQ.

The injector fan only runs when told to do so by a temperature sensor on the 
wastegate heatshield. If this sensor is not working properly/broken then the 
injector fan will not work. To test if it is the sensor that is faulty you 
can remove the wire to the sensor and touch it on the wastegate heatshield, 
if the injector fan runs then hey presto its the sensor that is broken, if 
not then good luck.


Alan Williamson
'86  ur-quattro  10 valve
'90  ur-quattro  20 valve