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Re: Change from Synthoil

Al Powell, APOWELL@agcom.tamu.edu wrote:

>I'm replying to the list as well as to Mark, because I thought others 
>might have a similar question.  All I can say is to add to my earlier 
>comments that since I switched AWAY from synthetic oil (temporarily) 
>my lifters have been much noisier.  Before, I didn't notice any lifter 
>noise at all.  Now, I do.  Occasionally it is a bit irritating.

Irritating? I'll send you my engine. On startup it sounds like my 4 
year-old nephew's stuck in there with a sack of sugar and a dozen 
real-tiny pots and pans. As the engine warms up, the noise starts to go 
away until it's only faintly noticeable.

But the noise is so severe now on startup that I don't think any type of 
super-oil will change anything. 

By the way, can someone confirm for me whether the 1986 4000s has 
hydraulic lifters. The Haynes manual is a little sketchy on this and I 
don't particularly want to go in there to measure the clearances when 
they're not adjustable!


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