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Ur quattro injector fan and oil cooler

Someone asked about the Ur quattro injector fan. 

I find that if I drive fast on twisty roads (not motorways) the fan
often comes on intermittently for about 20 minutes after I stop.
It is distinguishable from the radiator fan because it is quieter
and more intermittent.  

An Audi dealer cut a hole in the middle of my injector fan vent 
because seemingly they were modified in 1986 as they were 
only trapping hot air around the injector instead of cooling them 
down.  So if you don't have a hole in your blower - then perhaps 
you should make one or buy a modified part.

I've also had another problem with my Ur quattro fixed recently.  
My oil temperature was going up to 130 in normal driving and
as high 150 on the autobahn.  This was because the oil cooler 
was not working - the pipes and cooler were stone cold.  The 
problem turned out to be a sticky thermostat in the oil filter housing.
A bit of cleaning fluid had it moving freely and the oil cooler is now
piping hot with my oil temp nice and cool.

Philip Ross

Ur quattro
200 avant quattro x 2
V8 quattro (thankfully about to be sold)