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At 08:56 AM 8/2/96 -0600, you wrote:
I have a question about those 944's; what engines do they use, turbo and
non-turbo models?

>Re:What one does with their German cars
>I have been lurking around for a while, but I could not resist this one.
>I have both 86 5ktq and 87 944Turbo. The Audi is actually faster up to 65mph,
>until Porsche gets going . Audi is also much easier to live with in day to day
>driving.  It will also quite readily blow away most of the so-called sportcars
>and IT IS faster then all lesser models of Porsche (I used to have 924Turbo and
> 944, and both were slower than Audi). Finally, when snows starts falling,
>there is no other car I would rather be driving.
>And one more remark:
>The comments about BMW & Mercedes owners apply only in US. When I was over in 
>Europe this summer, the owners of afore mentioned cars were using them in
>apropriate manner: with right foot firmly planted on the floor. Although I
>had to get out of the way mostly for Audis while driving 88 Mazda 626 16V.
>(Mazda did only about 125 mph safely-I really missed my Quattro :-( this
>				Piotr
>86 5ktq
>87 944T