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Re: Them Tarz

At 12:20 PM 8/2/96 CDT, you wrote:
>The Hon. Bob said:
It seems you haven't been informed properly... There are no speed limits in

>> I dont think this is a pissing contest, just that the blanket statement 
>> that nobody goes faster than 130 might be untrue. Ive personally done 
>> much more than that on the right conditions.... You're right, it isnt 
>> 'real world' driving, on the hiway I do 65... but once in a while when 
>> the times are right, I open it up, and it doesnt take long to get to 130 
>> (relatively speaking...)
>Perhaps - although what I meant to imply - and perhaps did not - is that 
>people don't drive at 130+ on public roads long enough for the degisn 
>limits of an H-rated tire to be compromised. 
>About "it doesn't take long".../I've never owned a street car which I 
>thought could do an honest 130, including my 1990 200.  Those tire 
>ratings are for "sustained speeds" in excess of XXX mph, and my 
>understanding is that the primary factor involved is heat buildup.  
>(If centrifugal force is also a primary design factor, then I am seriously 
>deficient in my argument here....duuuuhhhhh)  I would 
>consider "sustained speeds" to mean 10+ minutes or more - and I submit 
>that there are jolly few places one can travel at over 130 mph in the 
>good old US of A for 10 minutes or more.  Even if one COULD, I submit 
>that doing so on public roads **for 10 minutes or more** is an offense 
>for which one should receive serious social sanctions.  It's not 
>I can visualize a long highway in Nevada during daylight, and a 
>romp up to discover the top end - and then shutting it down to a more 
>sane speed which is in line with the driving conditions - meaning an 
>conditions on an open public road, not a NASCAR track.  For those 
>conditions, I think that most of us should limit our endeavors to 
>something in the 80+/- range, depending on all those factors which 
>intrude - fatigue, traffic, road conditions, lighting, weather, etc.
>Now, I did live in the West for a couple of decades...and I have  
>driven thru Nevada and Montana...with the attendant romps up to find 
>top end in my '66 GTO and sundry other vehicles.  But not at 130+ 
>for extended periods.
>Of course, if centrifugal force is the limiting design factor 
>(rendering the above tirade irrelevant except for the commentary on 
>sustained speeds over 130 on public roads,) then as the inimitable 
>Jack Douglas once wrote, I should: "S**t in my hat, pull it down over 
>my ears, and call myself Mary Pickford."
>That's mah story and ah'm stickin' to it.  
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