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To Imparts or Not to Imparts

I have never dealt with Imparts, but due to the fair volume of parts house
traffic the last few days, I feel it a duty to give up a secret...

I have been dealing with a supplier in California for about a year and a
half now.  The parts manager is ALWAYS extremely well-informed, friendly,
helpful and efficient. Parts (mostly oem, some 3rd party, aftermarket) have
always arrived timely, and in the expected condition, quantity and to spec -
at about half of dealer price in most cases.

I have no interest, financial or otherwise, in this supplier - I'm just
excited to have found someone so reasonable and reliable,

If you want contact info, please e-mail me privately, as I don't want there
to be any perception of this as a gratuitous, or unscrupulous advertisement.

Mark "Just wanted to share my happiness" Shilling

Mark Shilling.........................shilling@txchemcouncil.com
Texas Chemical Council........www.txchemcouncil.com

'81 4k4e (gone but not forgotten)
'82 4k 5+5 (gone and definitely forgotten)
'90 80 2.0