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Re: Know your Audis...the Audi 90

I belive they produced 164 HP at about 5500 RPM (according to AUDI). 0-60 
was about 7.8-8.1 
sec (according C@D and AUDI). Top speed- 135-140MPH. Drove it at 133 
myself. Some may have limiters?? They are slower off-line than V6 90, but 
have really good high speed performance due to 20V design. I believe that 
90 20v was never available with turbo.(at least in US)


On Wed, 7 Aug 1996, Jeff McMeekin - WWFO Training wrote:

> I'm thinking about buying another Audi (but can't afford the yellow A4 that
> calls to me).  I drove a V6 90, but that didn't excite me too much.
> I'm curious about the 20V Audi 90s.  What sort of horsepower
> did they make with that engine (US version).  Did Audi every
> put a turbo engine in the 90?
> thanks,
> Jeff