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Re: Extra emblem

>From: "James A. Zwahlen" <jazman@cnmnet.com>
>I used to own a 1985 5000S and it had a "Fuel Injection" emblem on the 
 right side.  I 
>always thought that Audi was scrapping the bottom of the barrel to 
 come up with that 
>'slogan'.  Maybe that explains why your car does not have a factory 
 emblem on the >right 
>side!  ;^)

In the mid eighties, Fuel Injection was a bit of a status symbol in the 
 UK.  Although it was standard in the US at that time (for 
 environmental reasons and to try to claw back some of the power lost 
 from cats), in the UK it was only used on high performance cars 
 (without cats).  This is why many sporty cars had "i" in their title, 
 e.g. Golf GTi, Jetta GLi, some GM cars used GSi.

1980 VW Jetta GLi (now defunct)
1984 Audi 80 quattro
1983 Audi 100 Avant