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RE: UR S4 4.2

>From the sound of it it might have been what's become the twin turbo V6
they were talking about. Of course, that's not a V8, but by '97 it's the
A8 anyway... There *is* a V8 S6 in Europe - the S6+ - but we'll probably
never see that here.

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From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@CompuServe.COM>
Date: 09 Aug 96 12:53:17 EDT
Subject: What'd I see?

Spotted in a parking lot in Germany:

A late model style (C4) 100 with S4 badges and a 4.2 on the rear.  I
thought the
S4 was an I5 turbo?  I don't think it was badge engineering because
there was
also an Audi V8 owners manual on the back seat.

Styling features:  completely red tail lights, Alcantara seats with
printed in them and S4 badges.  A big, garish, chrome, exterior-sized
badge glued to the Zebrano wood trim.  A diff lock.  AudiSport steering
wheel --
no S4 badge (looked aftermarket, it didn't "fit" the style of the car)

Hey Joe:

    I remember reading in Automobile about 12 to 18 months ago about
Audi bringing over the V8 and juicing it for the S4 in the US for '97.
Two things happened since then: 1) I never read another rumor, 2) They
rebadged the car the S6.  In the original FYI piece they mentioned that
the car was to be a 540 killer and push somewhere in the neighborhood of
300 hp.  Has anyone else seen or heard about this car????

Nick Pinto