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Adding CD Changer

I just purchased a '92 Audi CS100 Quattro with the factory Audi/Bose
AM/FM/Cass.  I would like to add a CD changer, but the local Audi
dealership says that the unit is no longer available.  A nice feature
of the factory receiver/cass unit is that it integrates with a display
between the tach and speedometer that shows the current mode, station,
etc. so the driver's eyes don't have to stray from the road.  If
possible (and not too expensive) I would like to add a CD changer and
retain the existing functionality.  There is nothing on the unit that
indicates it would support a CD changer.  There is a MODE button that
presently switches between radio and cassette.  Might it also switch
to CD?

How can I tell if my current unit will accept a CD changer?

If my unit WILL accept a CD changer (or if I install an Audi/Bose unit
that has the CD changer attachment) will the instrument panel display
the CD information?

Is there an aftermarket unit that integrates nicely with the

Does anyone have a used Audi/Bose CD changer for sale?

Any information is greatly appreciated!