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Re: S4 raffle

In a message dated 96-08-09 16:28:06 EDT, you write:

<< From: Joe Yakubik <75363.2524@CompuServe.COM>
 Date: 09 Aug 96 15:04:59 EDT
 Subject: S4 drawing
 If the number of entrants for this car is going to be closer to the 500 mark
 than the 1500 mark then I'd be willing to jump in.  Does anyone have any
 info on this car and the raffle?  Is it registered as a local charity?  Does
 anyone live near the place to check out the car and/or animal shelter?
 I think Dan posted the info way back in the spring, but he's on vacation
 now, isn't he?
 Does anyone have tickets in hand?  Any info on the ticket?
I have a ticket, have seen the car, know the local charity, and it is legit.
I don't know how many they've sold since wednesday, but it looks like they'll
be lucky to hit 500. Frankly, they'd do better to sell it, and I know several
locals who'd grab it at 30k, and adds are still running 32k. Good Luck,


Jonathan Fenton
Montpelier, VT
'93 S4sIA3 black, but I want the green/ecru!!!