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Re: Unanswered Questions....

Robert Myers wrote:
> As a first approximation, you will get an additional 10 hp or so for each
> additional pound of boost pressure.  This yield is probably non-linear and
> decreases as you get to higher boosts.  I'm getting about 14 pounds of boost
> (max) above stock.  Calculating as above, that would say I'm getting an
> additional 140 ponies above the stock 167.  140 + 167 = 307.  I don't quite
> believe it.  307 hp?  Don't think so.  280-285?  Probably.  It sure feels
> like a whole great big bunch of extra power.
> -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


   Sooo if I have 1.9 or 2.0 on the digi gauge what bhp do you think the motor is -puttin- out.???
I also have that jacobs electro sparker with the BIG coil and very low resist wires.

I think the co. is electordyne or whatever but they make a electric motor to attach to the intake side of the 
turbo and it keeps the turbo "spooled up" between shifts. Thats right saw in the magazine so its got to be 
cool. I called {and its been some time ago} the folks and they wanted more than FIVE hundred dollars for this 
device. huh.

AND last but not the least and word on headers from any one???? I5turbo

Marty S.