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Re: quattro-digest V3 #880

..>So, Yer Kindly ol' Unka Bart suggests, sing the praises of the Ur-Q loudly and
..>sweetly.  Just don't try to build it up by knocking the porker.  That, my 
..>friends, is not only foolish, but carrys the pungent aroma of sour grapes...

hi unka bart,

no, not sour grapes.  although i've not owned a 911, i've driven them over the years, as i have 928's and 944's.  no question about the build quality.  my point is simply that (apart from the race track), for practical year-around driving, a 911 doesn't cut it compared to a quattro.  until the carrera 2/4 that is.  this was the 911 when the handling became something most people would feel comfortable with when driving @80%.  i find it very amusing that most road testers of the carrera 2 or 4 take the opportunity to comment on how difficult the previous generations were in the handling department, and when you look at their "reviews"  of those models, you will look in vain for a reference to this.  porsche has benefited from the emperors new clothes syndrome more than any other car i can think of.

i agree with you about the 928.  awesome car. heavy, but a great gt.  shame about the fuel consumption.  the best model i've driven would be the 944s2, although the turbo s also left a good impression.  i haven't driven a 968 enough to know how good that really was...

granted the 959 was awd and 400+hp, but only 200 were made.  bit like the 1984 sport quattro which, when it was produced, was the most powerful production german car.

if that motor had made it into the ur-quattro (lwd) and benefited from the torsen and suspension mods of the 1988+ cars, along with interior upgrades, the quattro would still be with us.

no, the piech family killed it because it would have given porsche real problems.

however, i recognise that many people own and love their 911's.  they are fine cars, and there need to be more real car enthusiats on this planet!

'93 s2
'90 ur-q