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89 200Qw FS

This pains me greatly, but i must offer my 200QW up for sale.  I thought it
would be best to offer it to the list first.

I am asking $11,500 OBO

So  here it goes.

Car is located in Tucson Arizona  and has been all its life   

1989 200 Quattro Wagon
85,000 miles
General xp2000 tires with 4,000 miles (one month old) on them
New front shocks
sony detachable face CD player.
Beige with Black leather interior.
Just changed oil (300 miles) with Castrol Suntech 5W-50
New spark-plugs (200 miles)
I have some histore (from privious owner)
I bought a 3year-36,000 mile Third party warenty that should be transferable

There are key marks on the drivers side and some Grocie store wounds on the
passenger side.
The leathe is in good shape (some ripes in the stiching ont the drivers and
drivers side back seat.

The reason the tires have so many miles on them is that i went on a trip to
Oregon the day after i bought them.

If any one is interested  you can e-mail me at scottm@emerald.net

Or call me at home After 5:00pm(PST)
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