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Re: Audi V12?

> As egg-citing as a V12, W12, A12 or any other kind of Audi 12-cylinder
> might seem to mere mortals like ourselves, I'd lay odds that Herr
> Mikulik's "defection" has more to do with Audi's future larger-block
> engine needs generally than a V12 specifically.  The 12-cylinder
> programs at Mercedes and BMW hang on by the thinnest of threads.  The
> trend (and, yes, they change all the time in the motorcar biz, which
> makes it so fascinating for we pauper voyeurs) is toward more honk from
> fewer cylinders.  Hope I'm wrong . . .

I would like to see more hp/torque squeezed from smaller capacity engines.
Anyone can make big bore-stroke engines, but not many can get big
hp/torque vs. engine size. When I saw the output figures for the BMW's
first V12, I sure wasn't impressed. Now, BMW's M5 and the real M3 are
impressive. So is RS2.

Audi S8 got almost the same output from 4.2 litres whereas MB needed 5.0
(okay, that engine is old) to get the same. Now, that's cool.

Cadillac had a 5.0 litre V8 that produced less than 150hp. Not cool.

I think higher output per litre is more in line with Audi's own motto of
advancement through technical progress. A bigger engine or bigger capacity
is only admissable if the output is above average. I don't know if Audi
REALLY needs a V12/W12/X12/Y12/Z12, but it seems if you want to have a
legitimate competition to high-end luxury car market then you need one.
(And if indeed Audi makes one, I hope it's not going to be a half-hearted
attempt... A 2.5 litre V12 does not earn respect even if it produces

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