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Re: Audi V12?

Robert S. Davis Wetmore & Company: Austin Office wrote:
> >AutoWeek (Aug 18) reports "... one of Mercedes top engine men, Leopold
> >Mikulic, has jumped ship to Audi and there is speculation he will oversee a
> >V12 development program for the next gerneration A8, due in 1999."
> whoa, woosh, yeha, hot damn.... I'm starting to save this very minute.
> Robert  S. Davis
> Wetmore & Company
> Austin, Texas
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As egg-citing as a V12, W12, A12 or any other kind of Audi 12-cylinder might 
seem to mere mortals like ourselves, I'd lay odds that Herr Mikulik's 
"defection" has more to do with Audi's future larger-block engine needs 
generally than a V12 specifically.  The 12-cylinder programs at Mercedes 
and BMW hang on by the thinnest of threads.  The trend (and, yes, they change 
all the time in the motorcar biz, which makes it so fascinating for we pauper 
voyeurs) is toward more honk from fewer cylinders.  Hope I'm wrong . . .