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Lawrence E. Strawley wrote:
> I plan on buying my first Audi, a 1993 100CSQ. It is pearl white, automatic
> with 44,000 miles (odometer replaced at 29,000). Is there anything in
> particular that I should have looked at by my mechanic prior to purchasing
> the car?

I have 142,000 miles on a '92100CSQW and can offer the following 
suggestions: The car would seem to be much too new to have major system 
problems, so you want your mechanic to pay close attention to whether the 
car seems to have been driven hard.  Is the underside banged up in any 
way?  How about the suspension?  Might the vehicle have been a tow car?  
Any signs of a trailer hitch having once been installed?  Little things 
do go at 44,000 miles: Are any of the many maddening little light bulbs 
on the dash burned out?  Are the ambient temp and engine diagnostic 
readouts working properly?  Finally, if you're buying from a dealer, what 
kind of limited-warranty is being offered?  Good luck . . .