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RE: S6 with dual exhausts...

Boy, $8/hr sounds awfully good, now, doesn't it? Except as you approach
the speed of light (twin turbo 30v V6, my word!), time slows down, so
that $8 gets spread pretty thin...


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>> What if, since it is a factory car, that is the exhaust set up for the
>> twin turbo V6?  That would make more sense.  Hmmmm.....
>It certainly does although VW/Audi do a lot of their desert testing
>here in
>Phoenix and euro-spec cars are a common sight downtown if you know what
>are looking at ... I even saw a Renault Megane the other day and a
>Corsa last week.  Haven't seen any RS2s, though...  :^(
>Since this particular test route runs down a narrow street with stop
>every block, maybe I'll just tag along and see if I can ask the driver
>is under the hood when he stops ... by the looks of it, though, the
>aren't engineers but $8/hr flunkies and they might not know the answer
>if they were inclined to tell me!
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