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RE: S6 with dual exhausts...

> Boy, $8/hr sounds awfully good, now, doesn't it? Except as you approach
> the speed of light (twin turbo 30v V6, my word!), time slows down, so
> that $8 gets spread pretty thin...

Uh, not really. For you rocketing down at near speed of light, time is
still constant for you. But unkownst to you (if you are not careful with
reletivity theory like above), you are experiencing time dilation. So for
you onlookers (and employer), even if you think you spent 1 hour, you
onlookers/employer will have measured that you "worked" for more than 1

So, for your 1-hour work, you should get more than 1-hour wage due to your
employer's watch. So if the employer only allow you to work 1-hour his/her
time, then your actual work is less than 1 hour -- yet you get paid for a
full-hour work.

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