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Running for office ... maybe not.

I've just learned that among the requirements that must be met in order to
be nominated to run for office is at least two years' membership in QCUSA,
which I don't meet having joined this past fall.  I also have not attended
at least two National QCUSA events (which isn't surprising considering the
closest one is 1100 miles away!).  However, I'm told it may be possible to
get a waiver based on other club/racing experience I have ... whether this
happens or not remains to be seen.

If it does, then I've decided I'll run -- I'm all out of turbos but I have
some fresh bottles of Pentosin and a couple of used brake bombs available!
-- and if not, then I'll see how I might be able to contribute otherwise.

Either way, I WILL continue to press for complete financial disclosure and
will continue to offer my "constructive criticism" -- and praise -- as and
when I deem it appropriate.  ;^)

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