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Re: Q Flood

> The floor on the passenger side of my '87 4Q is soaked!  It appears to be
> water, but does not smell, taste, or look like antifreeze.  Is it possible
> that the heater core has gone south?

Yes but it's also possible the hole in the firewall for the evaporator drip
tray to empty through is plugged and the water you're noticing is just that
... water.  There's a big rubber plug on the firewall below the battery and
you should check for obstructions on both sides...

> Never heard of this happening on the 4000.  What's a new core cost these
> days?  Does installation require breaking something?  Any tips, thoughts,
> insights, condolences glady accepted.

If you DO need a heater core, I've got a used one I'll sell you cheaply.

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