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Re: Q Flood

Dan Masi wrote:
> On Aug 21, 12:21am, Polidori1@aol.com wrote:
> > Subject: Q Flood
> > The floor on the passenger side of my '87 4Q is soaked!  It
> > appears to be water, but does not smell, taste, or look like
> > antifreeze.  Is it possible that the heater core has gone south?
> In general, if you've got water on the floor of the passenger's
> side, and it really seems to be water, it's probably from the
> A/C.  Cars usually have the evaporator coil somewhere on the
> passenger's side.  As air passes over the cool coils, moisture
> in the air condenses, and drips off the coil.  Usually, there's
> a hose at the bottom of the box that routes the condensation
> outside of the car.  If there's water in the passenger's
> compartment, frequently the cause is that this hose has become
> dislodged.  I don't know about Audis, just a fairly
> general answer.
> Dan Masi
> '96 A4Q

My dad told me this happened on his '85 5KCST.  He took it for a ride one 
Sat. and the passenger side arrived home damp.  The AC drain hose under 
the car was clogged with crud, roadkill, tar, old Nixon for President 
bumpersticker fragments, etc...according to him a pass thru with, of all 
things, a lab glassware cleaning brush opened it back up, wherein a 
stream of gloppy ghastly gunk besplattered his shirtsleeve, ticking off 
my mom who had told him for the bazillionth time not to work on stuff in 
his good  clothes..."aw, cut it out, I won't get dirty...it'll just 
take a sec...!".  Moral to the story: if you want to work on your car in 
peace, it's best to be single, but you're likely to stay that way because 
you'll probably wind up looking like the Road Warrior's mechanic, and 
that's just not appealing (to most women, anyway)...

Alex Kowalski
'84 4KQ