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Painting over "chrome" trim strips...

While I know the "dipped" look is dead, I've decided that my '89 200q has a
bit more chrome on it than I like (picky, picky ... I know!) and since it's
in for paint anyway, now would seem to be a good time to do something about

Specifically, I'm thinking about having the plastic trim strips between the
body and front & rear bumper covers painted to match the car as well as the
chrome strips in the door moldings.  As for all the other trim, I'd like to
paint it semi-flat black to match the door handles ... has anyone done this
to their car and, if so, how and has it held up?  The bodyshop that's doing
the work on my car says they don't really recommend doing this for a street
driven car (versus a show car) because they claim it's difficult to get the
paint to adhere properly and it will eventually chip and pit ... of course,
if that's what I want (it is) and I'm willing to pay for it (I am), they'll
do it but I figured getting another opinion first might not be a bad idea.

As such, any advice -- pro or con -- will be appreciated but I need to make
a decision one way or the other by Tuesday...

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