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A4Q vs BMW 328i

In message <9608260454.AA22715@bazooka.amb.org> ti@bazooka.amb.org (Ti Kan) writes:

> > I want
> > the A4 (build quality, Quattro, comfort) but don't want to regret the
> > low power feeling that we noticed against the 328i.

The "low power" feeling can be improved quite easily - there are a number of 
factory-approved performance improving kits available.  The power output of the 
1.8T engine can be doubled, though going all the way to this is expensive.

> When it comes to interior styling and quality, there is no contest.
> The A4 is leagues better.

The 328i is basically a warmed-up fifteen year old design.  The A4Q is very 
much closer to recent developments in both active and passive safety.  My 
favourite "feature" of the performance quattros is that you can choose how to 
drive them.  Despite the 18bhp, you'll find it quite easy to lose the BMW on 
a windy road - but what I find even more pleasant at times is backing off just 
a little from the pace and driving at a constant speed, taking bends faster 
than a BMW ever could, but not roaring up to maximum speeds on the straights.  
I find this a _very_ relaxing long distance technique.  Hustle if you're in a 
hurry, drive smoothly if you're not.  Somehow the performance quattros adapt to 
this change better than other cars.

If you repeat the test drive, try driving "in different moods" like this, and 
see how much better the A4Q adapts to them.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club