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Re: 250-mile report: Dunlop D60A2

I agree with almost all that both of you have said, with one exception:
these tires seem to be harder to balance than others.  I've got 215/60-15 on
my 15x7.5 bbs (oe) wheels.  there is significantly more weight taped to my
wheels than with the Michelins I was running before, but there's still a
slight shimmy/rumble in the steering wheel.  the guy mounting/balancing them
said these tires tend to be harder to balance, more so than their pricier
(and non-all season) D40M2 or SP8000 tires.  possibly it's the older non-jlb
design of my tires (9 months old now).  so far, i've got about 6k miles on
them, but didn't really "test" them in the snow last winter.  


At 11:09 AM 8/26/96 -0400, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
>Hairy green toads from Mars made Graydon D. Stuckey say:
>> Andrew,
>> 	Your comments are right on.  I found that the D60s are excellent 
>> in almost every respect.  I haven't found any fault yet as a matter of 
>> fact.  What car/wheel size are you running them on?  I have 215/60-15 on 
>> 15x7 BBS on my '86 5KCSTQ.  My neighbour has them in the same size on 
>> cheaper 15x7 on his 5KCSTQ.  He's very happy too.
>I knew I forgot something.
>This is an '89 100Q, 205/60/15 on stock 6x15 BBS mesh rims.
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