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RE: Q flag

Ned also has a couple of large black (?) numbers on the roof of his
car--kinda like the nubers on the top of cop cars :)  they are a relic of a
past Virginia City Hillclimb where they had aerial coverage of the event.
He never bothered to take them off, and he believes they may have helped
PREVENT a stop or two since them  (aircraft:  "naw, that one's a patrol car")

At 10:36 AM 8/27/96 -0400, Glen Powell wrote:
>Ned has a large "quattro" painted on the roof of The Beast... (At least
>I think it reads quattro).
>- peter
>Sounds like a VERY BAD idea, at least in NH where they frequently use
aircraft to spot speeders.
>Aircraft to ground: 'you sure this is the correct vehicle?'
>Ground: 'fer sure, it has a large 'quattro' painted on the roof - no
mistaking that vehicle'.
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