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RE: Spotting an A4Q

The A4 quattro does differ in several dimensions by a percent or so.
Check out:


to see a nice picture of the differences.


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>>usual bunch of emblems with engine displacement, etc.  Why?  It also has me
>>wondering: without looking at the obvious "quattro" emblems, is there any
>>way to tell the difference, at a distance, between an A4Q and a non-quattro
>To my knowledge, the only way a passer-by can tell is the Quattro logo on
>the grille or on the rear deck.  All other items are the same (wheels, body,
>tires, etc.).
>>I know the wheelbase of the quattro is 0.4 inches shorter, but that's not
>>exactly easy to spot at a distance.
>Where did you hear this?  I find it very unlikely as it would mean that they
>are actually different cars (with unique bodies, driveshafts, floorpans,
>just to name a few) as that 0.4 inches has to be taken out somewhere.
>Perhaps you heard it sits 0.4 inches lower (or higher, more likely)?
>Anyone else know anything about this?
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