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UrQ low-temp idiot light sensor

When I had my clutch replaced, the mechanic also replaced the engine temp 
sensor for the stupid blue idiot light. Unfortunately, now the idiot light
starts dim and brightens as the engine warms up. Tried a replacement, and
it does the same thing. Is this another of those "Audi lists the wrong
part number" messes that UrQ's seem to thrive on? Anyone know the proper
sensor/sendor/whatchamacallit to screw into the back of the head?

Does anyone know the proper "circuit" involved, as the Bently ('84, nearest
thing available, usually not too far off) doesn't really seem to match this
piece of Audi Electrical Mess.

The part number called out is a two-pin affair, with one pin being a neg
coef thermistor relative to ground (about 4.5K at 10F, dropping to around
70 Ohms at 212F), and the other being a straight thermo-switch that seems
to open around 240-250F (matching the "120 C" stamped on the body).