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Re: Shocks and Springs for 1990 Coupe Quattro

>I'm about to order Koni ext. adjustable shocks for the 
>Coupe Quattro.  I'm thinking about also getting a set
>of H&R springs for it.  However, the springs lower the
>car 1.25 inches...I'd feel more comfortable with less
>than 1 inch drop, in order to avoid bump steer.

Listen oh wise one---

I Have H&R Springs and Boge shocks-
BEWARE!!!!   Do not get ANY help from TAP on this subject.  IVOR thinks that
he is the only person in the world that is sensitive enough to have a tuned
suspension so he puts together pathetic packages for everyone else.  I have a
very detailed, horrible tale to tell about dealing with him and his company
if anyone is interested.  What I learned was

1) H&R Springs are not THAT stiff.  They just drop the car a lot, and the guy
who designed them is more interested in how the car LOOKS than feels!!! I had
a 1 hour long conversation with him and he said "We didn't design the springs
for performance drivers.  Only for everyday drivers.  Since there is not much
demand for the car, this is all we have.  But they look great, don't they!!"

Yes they do, except married to the floppy BOGE shocks which are only about
15% stiffer than stock shocks I get

2)BUMP STEER!!!  I throw the car around a lot, and we all know these cars
roll.  But the H&Rs do not like the BOGE's for many reasons.  For one, the
H&R's are progressive and the BOGE's were not designed for that.  And the
warranty on the BOGE's is void if you install them on a lowered car, even if
it's done tastefully.

I just had a chat with Eric F (STEADI RIC@aol.com) who claims to be 2-3 weeks
away from completing his kit.  Wait for him.  I am going to take everything
out of my 1990 Coupe Q 20v and throw it back down Ivor's pretentious throat.