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Re: no 1984 Audi content (sniff!)

> Jeff, you read your deed before you bought, right?  It's to maintain
> property values!

Technically, I don't own it ... I just live in it.  While I understand about
maintaining property values, the trend toward draconian deed restrictions is
starting to get out of hand (there's one planned community in this area that
has the right to enter your home to search for and remove pornography!  Does
this really have anything to do with maintaining property values?).  I don't
mind rules about not parking RVs or work trucks in plain sight but there's a
big difference between this and parking licensed and functioning (well, sort
of...) cars on a driveway or working on a car inside of a garage.
>  The neighborhood thing of yours, while your deed stuff is ironclad &
> foreseen, the homeowners assn's can be really fascistic sometimes...

I find it amusing that whenever anyone in the neighborhood has a flat, they
come knocking on my door for help changing it ... but if I remove my wheels
to clean them or to clean inside the wheel wells, I get shit about it!
> considering the content of this thread (first I beat the test, then I
> disable the emissions systems...) it's no wonder we decide to monitor the
> street traffic for violators...

Just for the record, I originally got this rolling by asking for info about
high-po cats so I DIDN'T have to "beat the test" or "disable the emissions"
on my 200q.  It's just a shame that the law will allow me to build a car of
my own design, for my personal use, just so long as it meets certain safety
requirements -- an ENTIRE car! -- but won't let me design my own intake and
exhaust system even if the car will still pass an emission test.  Hmmm...
> I think this thread needs to go elsewhere.... like some political bulletin
> board, or worse (if I had a mac it would have the icon)

You won't hear any more about homeowner's associations or deed restrictions
from me ... I am reserving the right to discuss hi-po cats, though.  :^)

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