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Re: no 1984 Audi content (sniff!)

All matter of folks said this:

>> considering the content of this thread (first I beat the test, then I
>> disable the emissions systems...) it's no wonder we decide to monitor the
>> street traffic for violators...
>Just for the record, I originally got this rolling by asking for info about
>high-po cats so I DIDN'T have to "beat the test" or "disable the emissions"
>on my 200q.  It's just a shame that the law will allow me to build a car of
>my own design, for my personal use, just so long as it meets certain safety
>requirements -- an ENTIRE car! -- but won't let me design my own intake and
>exhaust system even if the car will still pass an emission test.  Hmmm...
>> I think this thread needs to go elsewhere.... like some political bulletin
>> board, or worse (if I had a mac it would have the icon)

I have a problem with the gov saying that I can't operate something that 
I own and pay taxes on if it's missing certain parts that do not affect 
saftey.  To top it off my car PASSES the Mo. Emmision test with FLYING 
COLORS without that bloody damn cat....  I had a legal inspection done on 
the car this for grins and giggles and the inspector told me that I "must 
keep real good car of this baby 'cause it's one of the cleanest blowing 
cars that he's had through the place."


Eric Fletcher
St. Louis, MO