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5kCSQ Overboost problem

Well, my car is still overboosting and running into the fuel pump cutoff.
So, today, I do some more checks...

First I find the breather hose between the valve cover and the intake has
turned to mush and has a hole in it.  $30 and a happy dealer later, that's

I ran thru the Bentley checks - the solenoid valve does appear to be
working, and does activate when you short out the WOT contacts.  At this
point, I found the WOT switch wasn't working...  OK so I pull it off and
break it apart.  This puppy has another failure mode:  all four soldered
connections had broken apart and were intermittant (it wasn't visible
of course).  So out with the soldering gun and I get this fixed.

It still overboosts!  Currently I've disconnected and plugged the pipe
from the solenoid valve to the wastegate.  No more overboost - I'm getting
5 to 6PSI boost.

It's also running a little lean; at idle the duty cycle is 50-55 degrees so
it looks like there is still a vacuum leak somewhere.  Last time I checked,
the duty cycle was around 40degrees.

Any ideas on the overboost?