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re: 88 90Q diags

>From: "Bob D'Amato" <mx@snet.com>
>Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 09:56:14 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: 88 90Q diags
>ON my sisters perpetual pain in the a** 90Q, she complains of the
>check engine light usually going on and staying on for weeks. And when
>it is on, the car occasionaly runs poorly....i.e. in the morning, it
>will start, but giving it any gas stalls it until its warm etc etc
>ANYWAY, yesterday I dumped the codes on it and heres what I found:
>Its a 49 state car so Bently said I have two sets of fault codes.

On what do you base the "49 State Car"  Check the ECU numbers - my 
'88 90Q does *not* indicate 49 state or CA car, but the ECUs are CA.

Pull the passenger side kick pannel, and copy down the numbers on the 
ECU - send them to me, and I'll tell you what you have...

>First being ignition second being FI.  I ran the car for a minimum of
>5 minutes which included being over 3k rpm and one WOT.  Keeping the
>car running I put the fuse in the fuel pump relay for at least 4
>seconds and took it out... the Check engine light flashed a 4444 and
>according to bentley that means all is OK with the ignition. I put the
>fuse in again for the second set of codes and read a 1111. According
>to bently that is either the "fuel injection computer module" or the
>"Ignition contol module". Since the first set of codes for the
>ignition came up OK, I would guess it to be the former. Now my
>1) DId I do it right?

Seems like it - keep reading the Bentley, and you can get ouput 
codes (i.e. the ECU will activate the ISV, carbon canister valve, 
etc).  WHen things start clicking under the hood you can be sure you 
have done something right.

>2) Do you agree with the results


>3) What the *$^@ is a Fuel injection module?

Her car has *TWO* ECUs (Electronic Control Modules) - one for the 
Fuel Injection, and the second for the ignition.  The ignition module 
controls timing, that's about all.  The FI module controls...the FI 
mixture.  The two talk to each other - I don't know what they say.

>4) WHere is it and how much and does anyone have a spare sitting
>around they would part with?

Where it is is up on the fire wall behind the blower motor/AC 
List price is $695, Linda's price is about $600!!!!. (Oh, that is 
EACH - FI and Ignition are same price!)

Nope, sorry :(  (I do have an ignition module...)

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Before you go and spend any money, check and see how the timing 
behvaes.  It should range between 7 to 20 degrees (I think) at idle 
w/o AC.  

I have the same symptoms when very hot, and so far I have not been 
able to track it down.  I have the TSBs on this subject, if you are 
interested, drop me a line.

A. D. Morris
Phoenix, AZ
1988 90Q