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misc parts fs

Hi again fellow listmembers....

Not sure if this is proper "netiquette", but it's time to clean out my 
garage, again, and would like to get rid of a few things that are realy 
in the way.

I have the following items left from the 5kt I parted out:

Left front fender, both left doors, hood, core-support, innercooler and 
the complete ABS system minus the actual wheel sensors. And lastly, Brake 
master cylinder.
All parts are in good condition and the body parts are not beat up at 
all. Also, they are silver.

I also have the brake proportioning valve for a 4kq, NIB.

If anyone is interested in any of the above, please email me privately.
Accepting any and all offers, just want it out of the way..............

Thanks again,

Todd Candey                85 4ktq (in progress)
Elk Grove Village, IL      89 90q  (ours/hers/whatever)