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RE: A4 Reliability

Buy the A4 that you want, with the options you want, plus the one you CAN'T 
get on the 328I (we all know what it is) and be assured the reliability is 
fine.  I have had my A4q since April.  I have over 13k on it and have had 
exactly one proble:  the driver window sometimes does not auto up.  That is 
it.  No build quality problems, no engine problems, none of the poor quality 
of materials or fit problems that 328's have.  And it STILL is not nearly as 
common as the 318ti/318i/328i and is's that are all over the road.  Pocket the 
change and be happy, especially if you live in a snow zone.

Jon Linkov
Blue A4q

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On Sep 14, 1996 16:23:05, 'dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)' wrote: 
>On Sep 14,  1:12pm, Mitchel Freedman wrote: 
>> Subject: Re: A4 Reliability 
>> Hello there. I'm new to the Quattro-Digest. I find myself  
>> lucky enough to be in the market for a new car and it's come  
>> down to a toss up between an A4Q and a 328iBMW....ooops, said a 
>> dirty word there ?  
>> ...A4's softer ride, not as nimble handling, and obvious lack of 
>> power under the hood. 
>> Help me spend my money would ya ? 
>Sure.  Buy the A4Q, take the 6 grand or so that you save by not 
>buying the 328 and go on a really nice vacation. 
>Dan Masi 
>'96 A4Q 
--Or take the 6 grand and modify the Audi to your liking. There are many
ways you can change the car's power output and handling w/out voiding the
warranty. $6000 applied properly to an A4 could make it faster and crisper
than an M3, betcha. 365 days a year. And check out the last few years of
Audi ratings in J.D.Power and Consumer Reports...way up there. No contest,
buy the A4Q or wait for the S4.