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Quattro Vacation Statistics

Hi Folks,

 Well, I'm back from my much needed vacation and thought that I'd report   
a few stats on the drive.  Of course, I wouldn't personally do the kinds
of things listed below, but I'll bet someone could if they were dim   

 Distance covered:  8083 miles
 Hours gone:        453.5

 Avg. miles per hour while on vacation: 17.8 mph

 Highest speed attained:  Indicated 142, actual: about 134 mph

 Longest duration of 100+ mph: 1 hour
  both of the above might have been achieved on
  Montana State Highway 200

 Total Avg mileage: 25mpg

 Fuel consumed: about 325 gallons

 Most expensive fuel: everywhere in the Northwest $1.49 to $1.72 gal.

 Longest/Fastest continuous drive:
  Lincoln, NE - Schenectady, NY
    1359 miles in 22 hours....61.7 mph avg....... 

 Number of quarts of Mobil 1 that might be a part of the atmosphere
  due to this kind of driving: approx. 2

 States in which someone could achieve at least 100 mph if
  they were so inclined:

 Massachusetts, North Dakota, Montana, Washington, Oregon,
 Wyoming, Nebraska, Idaho, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania,
 and NY.
 The nice thing about speeding in Montana is that there is a good
 chance that if caught you will pay a $70-$100 appearance bond
 on the spot instead of being handcuffed and sent to jail for the
 afternoon, evening, or weekend.  Thanks to judicious timing and
 luck I neither have written a check to the any of the states listed
 above or seen the inside of any of their jails.

 The same person attempting the above might use a Uniden 360
 4 band, laser detector and find that while it does false at an
 annoying rate, it will pick up whatever is out there.  The trick is
 to not ignore it even when it falses.  A very large number
 of states are now using X-band hazard warnings at construction

 The '90 90Q20v performed nearly flawlessly....except I noted
 something I've seen on the list before...after spirited driving the
 fuel pump was very, very loud until it was allowed to "cool down"
 by parking for a half hour or so.  Also, I began to notice hesitation on   
 some of the longer hills if the RPMs were allowed to drop below
 3200....or if you just had your foot planted for more than 30-40
 seconds straight...is my fuel-pump saying goodbye?  I just had
 my mechanic replace the fuel filter when he was putting in the
 new "bomb."
 Sites visited:  Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame
   Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park ND
   Glacier NP; MT
   Grand Coulee Dam
   Waterton Park, AB Canada
   Mt. Ranier NP, WA
   Mt. St. Helens Volcanic Monument NP, WA
   The Pacific Coast, WA
   Columbia River Gorge, WA-OR
   Pendleton Rodeo Days, OR
   Swan River SP, MT

 Boy, do I have some roads for you..................

 Paul Royal
 '90 90Q20V
 '87 5Ks
 '67 Chevrolet Camaro SS/RS
 '90 Suzuki VX800

 PS: Don't even bother hitting me with..the hey, too fast,
  too long, too stupid letters....you see...I just don't
  care and you can rest assured that I only go very fast
  when I am the only one that could be harmed......
  IE: completely open road........