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RE: Re(2); Radio Security Codes

Not sure, but try holding the left button while pressing the right one,
release them together, most important part is to be holding left when
you press right, release doesn't matter as much. YMMV.


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>Porsray@aolcom recently 17 Sep 1996) soliloquied on the subject of 
>radio coding.
>  The gist of the message was to perform the coding test by first 
>pushing the left-most function button and then the right-most function 
>button.  I have an Audi-labeled Wiesbaden 893 035 180 in my 1988 90Q.  
>When I do that test the radio switches to am and then scans, as the 
>buttons' functions would be expected to cause it to do.  Am I missing 
>a secret squirrel here or are there different directions for my radio?
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