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Oil analysis

"Andrew Warren" <fastfwd@ix.netcom.com> wrote:

>It can be even cheaper, depending upon the lab you choose.

>I use a company called Titan Laboratories... They charge as little as
>$8 per sample, provide 24-hour turnaround, keep detailed records on
>each of the cars under my care all the way back to Day 1, perform
>both wear metal analysis and physical/chemical tests of the oil
>itself, and they telephone me immediately if during testing they
>discover something drastically wrong with a sample.

>They provide all the sample-taking hardware, the sample bottles, and
>self-addressed mailing boxes.  Everyone there is extremely friendly,
>knowledgeable, and helpful; they're one of the best companies, in ANY
>industry, that I've ever dealt with.

>Titan Labs is in Denver, Colorado... They can be reached at
>800 848-4826 or 303 893-3211 (fax: 303 595-8741).

>If you call them, let them know that you heard about their company
>from a very satisfied customer... They deserve to hear that as often
>as possible.

I called them on Monday  and after being transferred around to 3 different 
people, I finally spoke to Melissa in Sales.   She first asked for a 
business name and after telling her I'm shopping as an individual, she 
informed me the price for 1-time use is $18.95 and $14.95 if purchased in 
lots of 10.    When I inquired about the $8 deal, she said that was probably 
through a reseller or business.  She promised to send out sample reports of 
their oil analysis.  I was surprised to get a call today from Melissa.  She 
said she spoke to her boss and he approved the $8 price as a 1-time only 
deal for "Internet" people for a limited time.   I don't know if this is a 
sales pitch or what, but if you're interested, mention you read about them 
on the Internet in order to get the $8 price with  no minimum order.    I 
suggest you ask for Melissa in Sales since she is the one handling this. 
  Maybe they got flooded with calls after Andy's post and saw how much 
business they were missing.

Since I've only put on about 6k in the past  year on the 911, mostly track 
and autox, I plan on doing this once or twice  a year to monitor engine 

No financial interest etc. etc.


Steve Jagernauth
'74 911/3.0

p.s. I'm cross-posting this to the Quattro list since I'm sure some of you 
would be interested also.