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Re: brake fluid anyone?

>What brake pads were you using?  Are you sure that it was fluid boil that 
>you were experiencing?  I've been running ATE Super blue (BTW That's BMW 
>OE Fill...... It's just not blue for them)for a long time and I have 
>never had the experience that you have described.

Day 1. Went through a set of Metal Masters
Day 2. Went through 1/2 set of OEM's

I do destinguish between the fluid fade and the pad fade. I had both. 
The brakes "slipped" so to speak, requiring an increased effort on the pedal 
- that can be attributed to the pad fade.

The pedal itself had increased its free travel by good 15-20mm - that's 
fluid fade. It only occured after a coule of laps with some agressive 
cornering and went away after the cool down. I did bleed the brakes once a 
day with a pressure bleeder - air in the lines was never present. It's gotta 
be the fluid boil!

BTW, I have teflon lined stainless steel braded brake hoses in all four 
corners. Therefore I can't attribute the fade to the radial expansion of the 
brake hoses either.


Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ, chipped and MOMO'd through out,
in Tornado "arrest-me-officer" Red;
'88 Fox, "the FOX machine";
ex '85 5000s, "the EE's nightmare"
Phila PA, USA